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BEATS have supplied a projector, desks and chairs to equip a classroom for giving audio visual presentations. Pak Jahini, the Civics teacher, is using this room in the photo on the left.

Anastasia School has posters promoting child protection displayed prominently in a number of places around the school (photo right).

BEATS began supporting YASAH in 2012 by finding sponsors for the teaching staff.


YASAH children's home, on the outskirts of Medan, Indonesia, has 120 children, and has it's own school (known locally as Anastasia School). BEATS are sponsoring 30 Christian teachers so that all the children get a good education.Sponsor a teacher (any monthly amount) in order to help many children. Contact Us

Pak Ndraha (Director) in the school library.

YASAH School is aiming to be a specialist English school, with all children hopefully leaving with a good grasp of the English language. The teachers have all been asked to include English teaching in their lessons, especially the key words relating to their subject.

The teachers are very keen to practise and improve their own English as well as that of their students and are extremely grateful for the sponsorship, support and encouragement from BEATS.

Education is seen as a fundamental building block to give all the children the opportunity for a good start in life. Many of them come from poor families who cannot afford to educate their children, for example a number of the children at YASAH come from Nias Island where many people work on the rubber plantations; the average wage is around £4 per week.

In providing good quality education YASAH is offering the chance to children to improve not only themselves, but also the situation of their families.

Here are some photos of the Kindergarten and Year 1 children enjoying resources provided by BEATS.

Our Sponsor a Teacher page tells you how you can help a child and their family climb out of poverty by helping them to get a good education at YASAH.

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