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Sponsoring Teachers

By sponsoring a teacher at YASAH Children's Home School (any monthly amount), you will be helping to give over 400 children a good education. YASAH's registered school, which specialises in teaching English in all subject areas, employs 30 Christian teachers, educating children from Kindergarten to Senior High School (ages 3 to 18). You will receive photos and updates from your teacher, and the teachers really enjoy having your help and support and receiving letters as you can see in the photos below.

Here are the teachers, Contact Us to tell us if you would like to sponsor a specific teacher or the teachers in general.

Pak Ndraha - Director (with Ibu Susanna)
Ibu Basani - Indonesian Teacher
Pak Paulus - Headteacher
Ibu Roulina - Social ScienceTeacher
Ibu Selita - Biology Teacher Pak Jahini - Civics Teacher Ibu Riris - Economics and Geography Teacher Pak Ronardo - Sport Teacher
Ibu Eva - Kindergarten Teacher Pak Habel - Head of ICT Ibu Sri - History, Sociology and Civics Teacher
Ibu Rosanti -Kindergarten Teacher Ibu Wantanti - Year 4 Teacher Pak Hosborn - Physics and Cover Teacher Ibu Elvina Year 1 Teacher
Pak Yahya - Maths Teacher Ibu Lea - Kindergarten Teacher Female Teachers - April 2017
Ibu Hemat - Sport Teacher Ibu Maria - English Teacher Ibu Arnimawati - R.E. Teacher Pak Join - English Teacher
Ibu Ade - Year 5 Teacher (From left) Ibu Maria - Biology, Ibu Delvi - Chemistry (with Pak Hosborn) Ibu Nurhaida - Year 6 Teacher
Ibu Lora - English Teacher Ibu Kristina - Mathematics Teacher Ibu Natalia - Year 2 Teacher Ibu Alfrina - Indonesian Teacher

Note: BEATS will always strive to ensure that donations are used as requested, but reserve the right to allocate them elsewhere should circumstances dictate.

Some scenes around the YASAH School:

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