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Have you thought about a Legacy?

By leaving a gift to BEATS, you’ll be helping us be there for even more people affected by earthquakes and tsunamis in the future. A gift in your will for BEATS is a gift for people you will want to help because you know how hard it can be when families are affected by disaster. Your gift can provide lasting practical, emotional and financial support for those coping with disaster.

What could a Legacy provide?

A legacy gift could be put towards a wide range of projects, for example new classrooms, laboratories, equipment, text books, furniture, vehicles and other items. It could also be used to fund teacher's salaries, running costs of the children's home, or those students who wish to attend university. From time to time extraordinary situations arise at the children's homes which need funding, for example problems with utility supplies (water, electricity etc). BEATS would also like to have a contingency fund, so that in the event of a future earthquake or tsunami, funds are available to meet immediate needs if this is thought to be appropriate.

The kind of gifts you can leave to BEATS are:

A share of your estate (Residuary Legacy): Once you've worked out what you're leaving to family and friends, you can donate a share, or all of what's left.

A specific sum of money (Pecuniary Legacy): Leave a lump sum to BEATS, by specifying an amount in your will.

A specific item: Perhaps jewellery, or any item that you think will be of some value to BEATS’ work when sold.

Find out about giving through a will in our guide:

Find out about adding BEATS to your existing will, by using a Codicil:

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